Patient Review by Alyssa H

Dr. Kent Moore and his staff were spectacular. I had late blooming wisdom teeth (at 25 years old) and was absolutely panicked about the procedure. I was very concerned about the pain and really anxious about the sedative anesthesia I would receive for the procedure and Dr. Moore eased my mind before, during and after my procedure. As he was prepping me for surgery, he and his staff helped me relax by covering me with blankets, numbing my arms for IVs and talking me to sleep - literally. I woke up 45 minutes later with absolutely no 'loopy' anesthesia feeling and almost no oral discomfort. When it came to providing me at-home care, Dr. Moore set me up with anabiotics, a few options for painkillers and a care package goodies for my mouth. I would recommend his office's services over and over again!

- Alyssa H

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